Why is a secured loan better than other loans?

Since collateral is offered with secured loans, lenders fell a lesser degree of risk in advancing secured loans. Thus, they advance secured loans at very good terms. This makes secured loans better than other loans.

What amount can I borrow as a secured loan?

Find Secured Loan can arrange secured loans for as high an amount as you desire. We can present your case in a manner that qualifies you for a larger amount. The secured loan amount is dependant on value of collateral, credit status, etc.

What is the repayment term of a secured loan?

The repayment term of a secured loan can be anywhere between 3 and 25 years. We can arrange secured loans for as long a repayment term as you desire. However, extending the repayment term will mean paying more in terms f the interest rate.

Does taking a secured loan mean I have to move out of my house?

No! A loan secured against your home does not mean you have to move out. You can continue living in the house. It is the rights to home that are handed over as collateral to the lender. These rights can be retrieved once the secured loan is repaid in full.

Can I pay the secured loan before the end of the loan term?

Premature payment of a secured loan will depend on the lender who advances the secured loan. If the lender accepts early payment, you can repay your loan early and earn a rebate in the process.

Can I overpay on a secured loan?

Overpayment again depends on the lender contacted to advance the secured loan. If your finance supports overpayment, then you can ask our loan experts to find a secured loan from a loan provider who accepts overpayment.