If your credit report shows County Court Judgements, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, and bankruptcy you are considered to have poor credit.

adverse credit homeowner loan pictureWhile many lenders will reject your loan application,

Find Secured Loan has come up with a unique product to serve borrowers with poor credit.

Known as a poor credit secured loan, you will not face refusal and you will not have to struggle to get this loan through Find Secured Loan.

How Do They Work?

Poor credit secured loans have been designed specially for borrowers with poor credit. Straightforward refusal of loans is not the method of operation at Find Secured Loan.

First, the loan experts thoroughly study your application form. Next, the lenders who advance poor credit secured loans prepare your credit score. The credit score helps them decide on the form and shape of a poor credit secured loan. for you.

Credit Scoring Is Not Always An Issue

Since a credit score does not depend on just the past credit deformities, you stand a decent chance of getting good poor credit secured loan deals.

Borrowers who have opted for poor credit secured loan also have a right to the lower available rates. Find Secured Loan recognizes this right. However, the lower available rates of interest for a loan for poor credit history will not be the same as a regular secured loan.

Because a greater risk is involved in offering poor credit secured loan, the rate of interest will be slightly higher.

Nevertheless, poor credit secured loans will carry offers and discounts that are forwarded to Find Secured Loan by partner lenders.